Mar 05 / 2021

In the current pandemic, apps are a crucial resource for health systems, but they also present dilemmas.

Health apps are computer programs for mobile platforms, often connected to medical devices, that manage information that contributes to efficiency in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of users of the health system.
The connectivity that they promote between managers, doctors and patients, as well as the timeliness of the data they handle, allows for optimizing - and even personalizing - care for patients.
Despite their advantages, these applications pose considerable dilemmas related to data ownership and security. Against the background of this issue, technical (technological standards), normative (certifications) and socio-cultural (commitment of users, companies and administrations) prevail.
At this brunch, the main trends and challenges in this area were discussed with experts from entities, companies, universities and hospitals.


Jordi Carrabina
Coordinator of the “IoT for eHealth” Master's Degree at the UAB
Joan Escudero

Business Development a Grupo Pulso

Inma Grau

Director of the iSYS Foundation

Víctor Pérez


Víctor Roselló

Expert lawyer in digital law

Núria Abdón

Project Manager a Fundació TIC Salut


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