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Innovation Brunchs

Meetings about technologies and trends

Meetings that show the most disruptive technologies and how they influences in the business and society. They are dedicated to innovation lines in specific fields that allow knowing the tendencies that are configured in that area, as well as the experts of the sector.

The Brunchs are aimed at small and medium companies that want to innovate with the research institutions of the territory.

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Hub b30 is an open innovation network: Community of companies, R&D&I institutions, administrations and citizens.

Hub b30 is an ecosystem of co-ideation and co-creation: Space of confluence between challenges and innovative answers.

Hub b30 is an environment that facilitates innovation: Joint offer of services, resources and experts.

Hub b30 is an initiative of territorial competitiveness: Shared brand of the B30 territory.


Advantages of innovating with Hub b30

Access to high-level facilities and infrastructures.
Development of custom projects, designed to meet specific needs.
Work with research staff of high scientific level and at the forefront of knowledge.
Preferential relationship with national and international networks expert in innovation, and priority participation in calls for public financing.
Improvement of the image and innovative profile of the brand.
Contribution to the development of new research and new knowledge in strategic sectors.
Access to customized training.


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