SBD Esport Hub

Sabadell brings together competition and enthusiasm to transform the city, with sport as the engine of change. In this framework, the SBD Esport Hub wants to be a unique project of the city that contributes to its economic revitalization and social cohesion.
A hub is a network of people, entities and companies. Through talks, workshops, meetings and encounters in specially designed spaces, the SBD Esport Hub should favor synergies between entrepreneurs, startups, representatives of entities, consolidated companies, universities and citizens.
But in order for innovative and viable projects to be born and enriched in this new Sabadell hub, these interactions must take place with clear purposes, with relevant agents, with concrete service proposals, and around appropriate technologies and areas of knowledge. Laying the foundations and deploying the SBD Esport Hub is a committed collective task, in which it is important to listen to experts from entities and companies.
Apr 16 / 2021
3rd session
Online via Zoom

Workshop of experts in the valorization of innovative projects, stratups and sports marketing. Organized by the Sabadell City Council, with the collaboration of the PRUAB, the IRE, the CORE of Smart Cities of the UAB and the Hub B30.

Feb 26 / 2021
2nd session
Online via Zoom

Expert workshop on entrepreneurship, clusters and networks in the world of sport. Organized by Sabadell City Council, in collaboration with the PRUAB, the IRE, the CORE of UAB Cities and the Hub b30.

Dec 11 / 2020
1st Session

Online session with representatives of entities, administrations and companies to discuss the potential of sport to revitalize the city of Sabadell.