Valorization of Organic Waste: we turn the problem into an opportunity


Population growth, economic development and urbanization have led to an accelerated generation of waste that has detrimental implications for the environment, biodiversity, human health and prosperity, both locally and globally. According to the World Bank, annual waste generation will increase by approximately 73% in 2050, compared to 2020 levels.

Tons of waste is generated momentarily, increasingly complicated and difficult to handle and treat. Likewise, infrastructures are not advancing at the same speed. This reality highlights the need for new strategies and models for proper, intelligent and responsible management of waste, promoting a circular economy; given that it is one of the central aspects of environmental management and, at the same time, a basic sector of the economy.

Within the framework of the Project “Especialització i Competitivitat Territorial (PECT)”"Circular B30", we intend to organize an Innovation Morning Meeting on the Valorization of Organic Waste at the Municipal and Industrial level. Challenge resulting from the participatory workshops organized previously and the diagnosis of the needs of the territory in terms of circularity and sustainability.


Apr 21 / 2023
1st session
Sala Polivalent de l'Edifici Eureka. Parc de Recerca UAB
May 05 / 2023
2nd session
Sala Polivalent de l'Edifici Eureka. Parc de Recerca UAB