Mar 29 / 2019
Sala Polivalent del Parc de Recerca UAB

Presentation of the success story of the CIEN SMARTFOODS collaborative project between Laboratorios Ordesa and the Eurecat technology center.

The term “Smart Food” is used to refer to foods which, through the application of technologies, preserve food safety, improve their nutritional benefits and healthy effect, better adapting to user needs and preferences.

Investments in facilities and technology for process automation are a key competitive factor in the food and beverage production market. It is expected that the European market for facilities for the production and packaging of food and beverages will reach 19,900 million Euros in 2022, driven by considerable demand for machinery in final application segments.
In this regard, in the future robotics, artificial intelligence and management control software are expected to play an even greater role in all areas from food processing to its packaging.
It is expected that an important number of food processors will digitalise their production plants over the next few years. This is a large volume industry with small profit margins and the eruption of new technologies could imply increased efficiency directly related to competitiveness. In addition to saving time and money, the Internet of Things (IoT) will also put an emphasis on staff and data safety.


Raimon Bagó


CEO of the SERHS Food business corporation

José Antonio Moreno

Head of Basic Research at Laboratorios Ordesa

Francesc Puiggròs

Scientific Director of the Eurecat Biotechnology Area