Past events

Apr 21 / 2023
1st session
Sala Polivalent de l'Edifici Eureka. Parc de Recerca UAB
Nov 04 / 2022
2nd session
Edifici Eureka. Parc de Recerca UAB

Participatory workshop to work on viable, creative and innovative solutions to the critical points detected during the first workshop.


Oct 28 / 2022
Innovation brunch promoted by the UAB Research Park and the Union of Industrial Estates of Catalonia (UPIC).
Oct 14 / 2022
1st session
Edifici Eureka. Parc de Recerca UAB

Participants will share inspiring experiences from the territory to discuss opportunities and challenges that agents (Quadruple helix) have to scale models of sustainable, viable and efficient energy communities in the territory.

Sep 28 / 2022

Conference organized by Sincrotró ALBA and Spanish Technological Platform of Steel (PLATEA). Free entry until full capacity. Mandatory registration

Jun 17 / 2022

The disruption of supply systems induced by COVID-19 caused a shortage of raw materials in most of the industry's verticals.

Apr 22 / 2022

The electric vehicle is an inevitable future of the automotive industry.

Feb 04 / 2022

Participatory workshop to prioritize specific challenges in the matter of circularity.

Jan 14 / 2022

Participatory workshop to promote the articulation of a shared agenda to move towards zero waste.

Nov 19 / 2021

Participatory workshop to draw up a map of the territory's resources with the collaboration of the various agents.