Hub b30 is presented to a delegation of the Lodz University of Technology

May 25 / 2023

On May 23, the coordinator of the Hub b30, Sergio Martínez, presented the Hub b30 to a delegation of the Lodz University of Technology, a member of the ECIU (European Consortium of Innovative Universities).

The Hub b30 coordinator, Sergio Martinez, presenting the Hub b30 and the shared agendas approach, to a delegation of the Lodz University of Technology.
The delegation of the Lodz University of Technology, was welcomed by the UAB on May 23. This Polish university is one of the partner universities of the ECIU (European Consortium of Innovative Universities), a collaboration based on experience in innovative education, research and knowledge exchange. Lodz University of Technology is considered one of the biggest and the best state universities in Poland, famous for its innovative teaching methods such as challenge-based learning.
Due to their interest in getting to know the region, and the innovative tools to solve the challenges of the territory, we were able to present the Hub b30.

First of all, to contextualize, Sergio Martínez made a brief introduction of the Hub b30 partners and the b30 region. Then, he explained the objectives of the Hub b30 and its methodology, to cleared the way for explain our vision of the future, where he was able to share the approach of the shared agendas to articulate the collective action of the b30 research and innovative ecosystem, in order to transform the socioeconomic model towards a green, digital, resilient and fair model.