Everything we can do to help you


  • Attention to technological or innovation needs.
  • Laboratory of ideas with co-creation and design thinking methodologies.
  • Identification of financing possibilities at national and European level for innovation projects and call management.
  • Technological feasibility studies.
  • Advice on intellectual property and technology watch.
  • Tax management, certifications, R&D deductions.


  • Research staff, experts, managers, networks.
  • Technologies.
  • Scientific-technical services.
  • Incubation and coworking spaces.

R&D&I Projects

  • Final research projects of degree or master.
  • Contracted research.
  • Innovation projects
  • Development and test of products.


  • Search for talent, internships students and graduates in companies.
  • Design of dual undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Continuous training
  • Customized training.


  • Events and workshops.
  • Access to contacts and networks.
  • Dissemination and media impact.

Advantages of innovating with Hub b30

Access to high-level facilities and infrastructures.
Development of custom projects, designed to meet specific needs.
Work with research staff of high scientific level and at the forefront of knowledge.
Preferential relationship with national and international networks expert in innovation, and priority participation in calls for public financing.
Improvement of the image and innovative profile of the brand.
Contribution to the development of new research and new knowledge in strategic sectors.
Access to customized training.