May 11 / 2018
Sala Polivalent · UAB Research Park

In this session was presented the transfer case between SEAT and the Computer Vision Center to develop mobility solutions. 

The changing preferences of citizens and customers, combined with growth opportunities in the transport service industry, explain why vehicle manufacturers are shifting their focus from product-based solutions to service-based solutions.

Over the next few years, Infotainment (channels providing passengers with information and entertainment), vehicle safety, tracking, and other security features for cars, for example, will become high-value services available to certain segments of vehicle buyers, whereas in the field of public transport system driverless and ticketless autonomous buses and trains will become the norm. New mobility solutions, such as connected vehicles, fast shuttles and shared mobility, also provide new travel options potentially related to saving money and time, as well as improving the transport experience, thus satisfying passenger needs.


Ignasi Bonet


Director of innovation of the Sant Cugat Town Council

Oriol Mas

SEAT engineer

Antonio López

Researcher at Computer Vision Center(CVC)