Smart mobility in Polygons of Economic Activity (PAE): For more accessible, interconnected and sustainable polygons

Oct 28 / 2022
Sala Polivalent del Parc de Recerca UAB
Innovation brunch promoted by the UAB Research Park and the Union of Industrial Estates of Catalonia (UPIC).
The fourth industrial revolution has led to a technological revolution with a strong impact on the industry, modifying the concept of Polygons of Economic Activity (PAE). These organizational changes together with the climate emergency demand flexibility in production, a new business organization and a strong commitment to digitization. At the same time that new challenges and needs are generated to make PAEs more accessible, interconnected and sustainable.

Mobility and accessibility are essential factors in industrial areas for the efficient organization of resources and the people who work there and to guarantee the competitiveness of companies. In addition, in the current climate emergency context, it is essential to minimize the environmental impact and promote the social and territorial cohesion of the PAEs. So, opting for another mobility model is imperative and involves changes in transport modes and travel habits. There are different global trends that propose autonomous and/or shared intelligent transport systems and the integration of emerging technologies within the framework of the digitization of transport.

In this Innovation Brunch, held on October 28, 2022, we presented the main challenges and explored, with the different agents of the territory, growth models around sustainable mobility and the accessibility of economic activity areas .


Rosa Maria Sebastian Perez

UAB Vice-Rector for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship

Sílvia Solanellas

Session moderator.

Director of UPIC (Unió de Polígons Industrials de Catalunya)

Elena Aguarta

Director of innovation services for mobility at Moventia

Alejandro Valdovinos

Business Unit Director at Circontrol


Gerard Martret

Chief Executive Officer at Shotl


Vicente Atienza

Innovation Project Managerat at Barcelona Chamber of Commerce



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