Slow Tourism: The binomial of industrial and proximity tourism

Oct 29 / 2021

The crisis arising from the Covid-19 Pandemic has led to important socio-economic changes, both in the way we work and in training, mobility, consumption, leisure ... And the tourism sector is not an exception.

"Proximity tourism" appears as an alternative to revitalize the sector and refers to the practice of traveling and rediscovering spaces close to the everyday environment. A fact that leads to discoveries of the natural environment, cultural heritage, small producers and at the same time, also, industrial heritage.
The Hub b30 Innovation Brunch, held on October 29, 2021, invited us to learn about the potential of industrial tourism in the territory in a journey from the historical side, with an important industrial legacy, including active industry, with the purpose to connect actors and foster collaboration, innovation and development.


Ignasi Giménez

President of CCVO

Xavier Font

Session moderator

Head of the Technical Tourism Office at DIBA 

Jordi Garreta

Director of Xatic

Anna Sanchez

Tourism Manager at CCVO

Eva Blanco

Public Affairs Manager at HP


Alejandro Sanchez

Industry connection Director at ALBA Synchrotron 

Jaume Perarnau

Director of National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia MNACTEC