Jul 01 / 2020

In the Cloud age, connected devices and massive data generation, digital criminals can exploit organizations' vulnerabilities to manipulate computer infrastructure and steal data, with detrimental economic and reputational effects.

The term "cybersecurity" refers to the set of processes and technologies useful for protecting data and systems connected to the Internet from attacks, thus guaranteeing that of information. Confronting the persistent threats will be key, among other things, technological convergence and contextual computing.

This brunch provided an insight into trends and innovations in this field, and will be discussed with business and university experts.


Juan Caubet


Director of Eurecat’s IT Security Unit

Eduardo di Monte

CEO of OYLO Trust Engineering

José Valiente

Director of the Center for Industrial Cybersecurity (CCI)

Jaume Abella

Professor of Telematics and Cybersecurity at La Salle-URL

Carles Flamerich

CEO of Light Eyes