Jul 05 / 2019
Sala Polivalent del Parc de Recerca UAB

Discussion on innovative circular economy practices applied to the water sector.

The circular economy is a life-cycle model, in which resource optimization is a constant for its goals of maximum profit and zero waste. Taking into account the increase in water stress in the world, as well as the degradation of systems and economic damage, how could we attribute water to its maximum value and minimize the concept of "waste" based on this circular model?

The answer is mainly related to the extraction of valuable materials, nutrients and energy from wastewater before they are used again for another purpose, or return safely to the natural water cycle. TPossible solutions include regulatory pressure, but also technological advances and the transition to new public and private business models.

During the session, the case of collaboration between CETAQUA and two municipalities was presented, and a discussion was held on innovative practices and trends.


Teresa Zamora


Head of Entrepreneurship and Business and coordinator of the "Vallès Circular" initiative of the Vallès Occidental County Council

Susana González

Head of the Cetaqua Quality Area

Oriol Ferrer

Sabadell City Council Water Office

Verónica Muñoz

Business Technique of Gavà City Council